AMC Pacer #Fishbowl


AMC Pacers have been called “fishbowls” since their debut in the mid 70’s, due to the shape of the rear and the large glass areas. In my mind, it was high time two were turned into a real fishbowl (complete with real Betta fish). My incredible team, Speedycop & The #GangofOutlaws, has built nearly three dozen cars in the last ten years for The 24 Hours of Lemons. They stepped up yet again, going far above and beyond, to execute my newest harebrained idea IN JUST 19 DAYS!!!

Building on this car was Jaime Bloch, Don Trevett, Joshua Stephen, Nicholas Keifer, John Cox, John Ward, Dustin Kosar, Matt Rhinehart, Brett Werts, Ken Ashby, Sami Ashby, Karl Applegate, Matthew Luehman, Chris Albright, and yours truly.

The incredible clear aquatic-themed wrap was designed in one day and applied the very next by the extremely talented and friendly folks at Arba Graphics in Hughesville, MD. Graphic artist Ramon designed it, owner Tim and tech Steve applied it, and Elaine helped with it all.

We took two completely rotten Ohio Pacers that John Cox and I just picked up (‘a 78 and a ’79), skinned them, and mounted the back halves on out team’s old 1991 Toyota MR2. It had been sitting in my woods for years, and was also in rough shape. It needed a clutch, brakes, tires, the seized calipers freed up, and the serious varmint infestation removed. I even found a 5 foot snakeskin in the passenger floorboard!

Less than 3 weeks later, we raced the #Fishbowl at New Jersey Motorsports Park in The 24 Hours of Lemons, where it turned very fast laps and won the Organizers Choice!

Another automotive oddity #BuiltnotBought by Speedycop & The #GangofOutlaws.

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