speedycopI’m a fun-loving car enthusiast and an adrenaline junky with a very creative and competitive spirit. Put those things together, and you get my own brand of automotive mayhem! Being an adrenaline junky seems to run in the family. My grandfather climbed mountains all over the world, and will probably forever hold the record as the oldest man to climb El Capitan in Yosemite, at the age of 81. In my younger days I climbed up, over, and down the 50 foot tall O’s in “wood” of the Hollywood sign.  Of course, my 600′ face first rappel down the Hoover Dam face was probably the most exhilarating thing I’ve ever done. It was better than jumping out of a plane at 10,000 feet, or cliff diving 75 feet into frigid water in the Sierra Nevada.

I am the second oldest of nine kids, and have been married to the same beautiful woman since 1998. When I was a teenager, my family did missionary work in China for eight months, and that allowed me the opportunity to hike along the Great Wall, and see the buried terracotta army at Xi’an. I have done volunteer work in Kingston, Jamaica, in New Orleans in the week after Hurricane Katrina, and in Pisco, Peru (after an 8.0 earthquake devastated the area). When my work schedule permits, I teach Sunday school at my church (a non-denominational Christian Church). My faith is deeply rooted, and I strive to do what’s right.

Since 1996, I have supported my racing and stunt habits by serving as city and highway patrol officer, and have been a part of two different SWAT teams. I spent three years patrolling downtown Washington, DC on horseback full time year-round. I have had the honor of leading the Presidential motorcade from Andrews Air Force Base to the White House, of walking arm-in-arm with the inspirational Coretta Scott King, and of being seated in the center of the front row, directly next to Simeon Wright, for the world premier of the play Anne and Emmet (Anne Frank and Emmet Till). I have protected the President of the United States at Camp David, and at the White House. I have been a team sniper, rappelled from towers and helicopters, followed an instructor’s request to chop down a tree with a full auto machine gun, knocked down a door with three stout locks during a drug raid, maintained and driven an Armored Personal Carrier, served numerous search warrants on the homes of armed and dangerous criminals, and have been part of numerous vehicle and foot pursuits.

While upholding the law I have been photographed with numerous celebrities, and was featured on quite a few news stories. President Bill Clinton, “fake” news anchor Jon Stewart, singer Jessica Simpson, Olympic gold medalist Michele Quan, actor (and financial advisor to Reagan) Ben Stein, actor Russell Crowe, NASCAR drivers Carl Edwards and Jeff Gordon, and many others. See Celebrity Meetings for more pictures. I was villainized on the internet after a picture of me holding an old woman’s arm was posted online. The older female demonstrator in the picture had been feebly beating my chest in an effort to force me to arrest her, which I declined to do, as I had a more pressing S.W.A.T. role there at the White House.  I once arrested a young Korean woman who had open-hand slapped my face, and I learned while listening to the local news radio station on the way home that she had apparently used “martial arts” on me. I have a ton of entertaining “war stories”, but I’ll save them for the book…