2017 LeMons/Roadkill Moscow to Paris Rally Results:

We won the Rally’s grand prize!

Driving a three-wheeled English car that has been parked since 1991 cross country in February isn’t necessarily the most prudent course of action, but that’s exactly what makes it an adventure! Adding a helicopter to the mix that only survived two laps of racing at New Jersey Motorsports Park before grenading the 30 valve Audi engine is exponentially more stupid, but we did it anyway.

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Moscow (PA) to Paris (TN): The LeMons Rally is in just a few weeks!

At the end of this month, we will embark on an EPIC adventure. We’re planning to take both the SpeedyCopter and the newest addition to fleet: A 1971 Reliant Regal! This 3 wheeled, fiberglass, Harry Potter-esque car last saw road duty in the U.K. in 1991. We acquired it a couple of weeks ago, and managed to get it running just a few days ago. Well, if you consider popping, sputtering, slipping clutch, dripping oil from everywhere, and leaking fuel from it’s 25HP (750CC) engine ‘running’, that is. We have our work cut our for us in the next two weeks! No worries, though, because our 185/45R13 snow tires arrived on schedule, and are now mounted. As long as there’s no wind, hills, other vehicles around, or darkness, we should be fine. Right? Right. Cheers, Mates!

Outrageous Acts of Science!

The Upside Down Camaro is being featured on the Garage Genius episode of Outrageous Acts of Science Wednesday night (August 3rd) at 9pm on the Science Channel!


The car originally debuted at New Jersey Motorsports Park in a 24 Hours of LeMons race two years ago. It’s inverted an inverted 1999 Camaro convertible body, mounted on a steel framework, perched atop a $200/200k mile 60 HP 1990 Ford Festiva.

World’s First Road Racing/Amphibious Helicopter!!!

Now that we’ve proven we did what we set out to do (which took thousands of hours of hard work!), please make a donation to the Semper Fi Fund/America’s Fund, and make a difference for a wounded veteran through this link:

Thanks to The Gang of Outlaws for all their hard work helping me realize this crazy dream, to my friend Don Huffman for the great music, and to Damion Jedlicka for his fantastic work on the video! Special thanks to my wife Jaime Bloch, the SAINT, who not only put up with me disappearing into the garage for the last six months and blowing our savings (and this month’s mortgage, uh-oh) on this outrageous build, but working with me on it day and night, even when she was really sick!